Hurricane Sandy Relief: Donation Drop Offs and Volunteer Opportunities

As we approach another weekend, the need for donations and volunteers is still great. If you’re looking for donation drop off locations, and opportunities for you to volunteer your time and services, check out this site where you can search for places near you and determine what they need now.

You’re able to search via neighborhood collection sites, and also by what you’re able to do (volunteer, work with/serve food, drop off donations). These are updated fairly regularly, so you know the info is accurate and up to date. You can also search the community pages of the areas hardest hit by Sandy.

They also have a resource page set up to help those who haven’t volunteered yet to get a better grasp of what’s needed most, including tips on clean up. (For example: bleach does not kill mold).

Please share this with those who can help. We can use all hands available.