Maternity Clothes On A Budget

I decided early on in my pregnancy to take a recession proof approach to maternity clothes. It made me sick to walk into a maternity wear store and find price tags in the $100′s and above. For clothes I was only going to wear for 6 months? I don’t think so! I have spent my pregnancy looking for non maternity maternity wear that is affordable and comfortable. This weekend I visited one of the best boutiques in Queens, to try on some fab finds. All for under $100

Maternity dress 4

Here are some tips on finding cheap and chic fashion for your bump

  • Certain cuts work great for maternity. Empire, or high waisted dresses will last you throughout your pregnancy since there is little restriction around the middle.
  • You don’t have to buy maternity if you just buy bigger. Try on a couple of loose elastic band or drawstring pants and buy them in a slightly larger size.
  • Cotton and anything spandex is a good investment. It is soft, comfortable and will last you for the duration of your pregnancy.
  • Do not be afraid to try on anything that looks like it will fit, maternity or otherwise. If you can find someting that looks good in normal clothing or plus size, odds are you will save a ton of money.

There are a couple of things I did buy that were invaluable and well worth the money:

  • The Bella Band – I bought 3 of these puppies in black, white, and nude. They were amazing and have lasted me for 9 whole months. Well worth the $$
  • 2 Pairs of maternity pants – I bought 1 black pair and one pair of jeans.
  • Crocs – they are not all as ugly as you think. They will save you back pain, veins, bone spurs, etc

Here are a few local stores and resources for finding maternity clothing that won’t break the bank.

  • Craigslist - People will sell their old maternity clothes here. Or you can list an add in Baby and Kids for clothing in your size. This is also a good place to find used baby gear.
  • Daffy’s – This store is located right below Target on Queens Blvd.
  • Conway – I love Conway’s ! It has trendy cheap clothing that you can buy for under $20
  • Loehmanns – Also on Queens Blvd.
  • Century 21 – This is not in Queens, but well worth the ride. You can find some great designer clothing for cheap cheap cheap
  • Domseys Express – This hailed Brooklyn thrift store has moved to our neck of the woods.
  • Mothers of Multiples sales – These groups are all over the country and if you are lucky enough to catch one you can find real deals on baby and maternity stuff. There is a moms club on Staten Island. I drove al the way there and made out like a bandit.

if you are the DIY Type, here is a link for how to make your old jeans into maternity pants.